The Cambria County Backpack Project (CCBP) is available to children in need of weekend food assistance at no cost to participants.

Funded entirely from grants and donations, the CCBP aims to provide weekend meals to children who have limited access to healthy foods when they are not at school. Referrals typically come from trusted teachers/adults at your child’s school or participating organization.

If there comes a time when you do not need or want CCBP support, we ask that you inform the school/agency.

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When you complete and return this application, your child will receive six ready-to-eat meals each week. Please be advised that all recipients of the Cambria County Backpack Project are expected to act in accordance with the following behavior policy, in order to be eligible to participate in CCBP:

  • All recipients are expected to transport their weekly bag of food home INSIDE of a backpack, gym bag, or duffel bag.
  • All recipients are expected NOT to open their bag of food until they are at home. Bags are NOT to be opened on a bus or on the way home from school.
  • All recipients are expected NOT to share the contents of their bags with friends or other students. The food is strictly for your child(ren).

It is the Cambria County Backpack Project’s mission to help reduce childhood hunger in Cambria County, and by following the above guidelines, we can ensure that your child is safely receiving all of the food to which he/she is entitled as an approved backpack participant.

Please be aware that if your child is found eating food on the school bus, giving food away, or in any way using the food or packaging in an inappropriate or harmful manner, your child is subject to disciplinary action from his/her school or referral agency, as well as removal from the Cambria County Backpack Project.

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